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Armor Powder Coating


Armored For a Brilliant Paint Finish

Armored for a brilliant paint finish

Powder coat spray painting offers a brilliant paint finish that is more durable than traditional liquid-based paint finishes. Unlike traditional paint, powder coating is not suspended as a liquid. Instead, the paint consists of particles that become a uniform covering that is even in texture and consistency when exposed to high heat. This baked-on finish helps prevent corrosion, cracking and chipping that occurs more frequently with traditional, liquid paint.  


Armored for the environment

Powder coating is much more environmentally friendly than other paint techniques. The process is solvent free, which means there are no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can escape into the air as with liquid-based paints. Like any painting process, there is waste with powder coating; however, the waste from powder coating can be recycled and reused, leading to nearly 100% product use. 


Armored to use less energy

Since powder coating produces fewer fumes than liquid paint, ovens involved in powder coat drying don’t need huge exhaust vents that eat energy. This means less cost for us, and we pass along that cost savings to you.