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Armor Powder Coating

About Us

In business for 25 years, Armor Powder Coating's team of professionals knows the powder coating business. With their automated production line, multiple color modules, and in-house custom part racking, Armor Powder Coating efficiently and economically processes high-volume industrial jobs as well as project pieces for individuals such as metal art sculptures, lawn furniture, automotive and bicycle parts. Armor Powder Coating has a wide selection of stock colors with custom color matching also available. 

Armor Powder Coating’s production process is fully automated. Parts travel along an 825-foot overhead conveyor to an environmentally friendly five-stage automated wash system, providing alkaline cleaning, rinsing and next generation conversion coating. The parts then pass through two additional rinsing stations. Following the rinsing stations, the parts travel through an oven to dry them before entering the powder rooms. In the powder rooms, ITW Gema guns are used to coat the electrostatically charged parts. The process completes as the coated parts continue through infrared and gas convection ovens to cure the powder and create a durable, protective painted finish.